♡ Haul Time | Lululemon Workout Clothing!

♡ In celebration of going back to school (nahht) I picked out a few new items from Lululemon in hopes of inspiring me to start of the new school year fresh with a new workout routine. I decided I was in dire need of some new lulu running shorts and tried on the numerous styles lululemon offers (boogie's, groove's) and finally came across the Run: Speed Short. Now these shorts don't come in just ordinary black (that I have to admit are a staple!) they come in a rainbow of colours and varieties, that make choosing much harder than it seems. I finally decided on a nice small striped autumn coloured pair (think purple, pink, orangish?, lilac and maroon) as well as the classic (and versatile!!) black. These shorts were the perfect medium between the scandalously tight short shorts lulu often offers and the ridiculously long cycle shorts (I wouldn't be caught dead in..). They are ridiculously comfortable and are extremely light. For tops I decided on one long sleeve and a tank. I have never been one for t shirts while exercising just because I am either ridiculously hot (moksha yoga..) or strangely freezing (skiing?).  Either way I bought one long sleeve and a tank in two really adorbs and fun colours. I bought the Run: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve in a really pretty light pink and the Cool Racerback *Racing Length in lilac with black polka dots. The long sleeve goes really well with the autumn coloured shorts and I wasn't even trying to match them! Just as I was leaving the store I spotted their new Manduka Equa Towel Plus (Yoga Microfibre  towels. They are not only super soft but are also really quick drying and perfect for keeping your yoga mat super dry as well as bringing to swim practice or a workout. I decided to pick one up and hopefully (fingers-crossed) it will encourage me to do more yoga. I can't wait to try out my new pieces. Hopefully they will inspire me to workout more! Let me know below if you have any plans to start a new workout routine and what you are planning to do to style up your workout wardrobe!


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